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What Would You Do If They Took Away Your Right To Drive

Just read an interesting post about driverless cars and the change that would be needed in order to adopt such a concept. David Roberts writes that we don’t struggle with decisions that follow a reasonable progression of change: If we

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Empathy Is The Most Powerful And Successful Form Of Marketing – David Kelley IDEO & Steve Jobs on Design Thinking

IDEO David Kelley 60 Minutes Interview David Kelley gets it. The founder and CEO of IDEO summed it up brilliantly with the simple term – empathy. If you put empathy into how you create the customer experience you will win,

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SEO And The Zen Of Search Engine Maintenance

I’m reading a book called Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. If you haven’t read this book, I would highly recommend it! Pirsig does a tremendous job of explaining the differences between people who are interested in technology, want

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Online Reputation Is Just About Having Values

I don’t like asking for help.  Unless it’s nearly impossible for me to do on my own, and not asking would be considered dangerous, perhaps even reckless and stupid. On the flip side, I like to offer help when I

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Blekko Betrays Trust Blocks SEO Data And Shreds Transparency Policy

The company Blekko was something of an inspiration to me, and other SEO’s, as they stood for what they believed should be openly available. They freely shared the kind of data that SEO’s use frequently, which I often shared with

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Missing Google Reviews? – Steps You Can Take

Getting customers to leave reviews about their experience gives us insight into how a business operates. It allows us to choose who we want to deal with based on how others have been treated. Some are good, others not so

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Where Does All This Lead To?

When we consider the amount of effort put forth daily into blogging, social media, relationship building, it’s no doubt we’re working hard, but what can we expect to happen as a result? We’re accustomed to acquiring tangible things to validate

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The Value Of A Blog – Branding Vs. Advertising

When we think of advertising today we think intrusive, disrupting, uninvited, ignored and so on. The reason is because it literally gets in our way and our reaction is to find the little “X” in the corner as quickly as

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Great Blog Content Strategies

Sometimes you come across really well executed company blogs.  I wanted to give a couple fine examples of such here in hopes that it might give ideas to those looking for ways to come up with really compelling blog posts.

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Why Blog?


Priceless Customers Come From Remarkable Experiences The people that are going to buy cars from your dealership want you to earn their business. People want celebrity type treatment, they want you to value their time, and not dream of wasting

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