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I really love my job, I get to help businesses, primarily car dealers, explore blogging and one thing that I need to do more of to help others who read my blog is make good recommendations when they come up.

Why I Joined Chris Brogans Blog Topics Group

I saw the Blog Topics Group as a new opportunity to connect and network with some passionate bloggers who are all trying to improve the quality of their blog and learn some of the veteran blogging tips from Chris and others in this group.

The opportunity is something I will highly encourage all of my clients to join because it will help them understand that posting on a blog is only a small fraction of what you need to do in order to make it successful.

Examples of What I Hope To Learn

  • Create Good Quality Content That Inspires Readers To Comment And Share
  • Learn Some Tips On How To Create A Call To Action For My Posts
  • Suggestions On Linking And Commenting To Other Blogs
  • Measuring Effectiveness of Posts and Comments
  • Create A Good Series of Posts That Follow a Topic – Weekly or Monthly
  • Showing Appreciation For Every Comment And Responding
  • Becoming Better At Timeliness of Posting – Press Release, etc.
  • Understanding and Explaining the Value Of A Blog To Share With My Clients And Prospects

I’m not sure if this list will all be part of what I take away, but I think it is a start of some things I should be discussing on this blog as I discover them.

What I Think Blogging Means For Businesses

I feel that a good blog can be better than any form of traditional advertising or marketing. Blogging is indirect marketing, it allows you to speak about important subjects, allows you to share good ideas, and most of all it gives people a deeper understanding of what you do and why you do it. For those reasons, a blog delivers the true face of a business in ways no other form of media can accomplish.

I look forward to learning some tips and suggestions and would love to have anyone comment on this post if they are also interested in learning any of this type of stuff and I’ll be glad to write about topics my readers show interest in.

One other recommendation, while on the subject of blog topics is to allow guest posts on your blog, as well as write some guest posts and pitch them to blogs that have relevant interests or subject matter. I’m a member of My Blog Guest and I’ve had some great success with it. It’s free to join, and I’d highly suggest doing so even if it’s to see how that process works because Ann has done a tremendous job at building such a valuable service for bloggers.

TheDealerBlog is the official blog for TuneyFish Inc., an online marketing firm which specializes in search for auto dealers, founded by +Scott Golembiewski in 2008.

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