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Great Blog Content Strategies

Sometimes you come across really well executed company blogs.  I wanted to give a couple fine examples of such here in hopes that it might give ideas to those looking for ways to come up with really compelling blog posts.

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Hall Of Fame Blog Post

Probably one of the higher caliber posts I’ve read in a long time, called Future of Blogging by ViperChill. How does one find such remarkable content? One knows it, when one sees it. It’s not always right on the surface,

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Advertising Isn’t Dead It’s Just Not As Effective

I keep seeing posts that are titled SEO is Dead. This is however, not the case. SEO is evolving from something heavily based on links to being more content centric in terms of quality. Bruce Clay offers a great explanation

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What Happens When You Blog

You Won’t Know Until You Blog Blogging, who has time for blogging? It must be nice to have time to sit back, relax and write a masterpiece every other day. Why don’t you wake up, Rockefeller. This isn’t the oil

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What If Henry Ford Had A Blog

I don’t think people buy Ford vehicles today because of what Henry Ford stood for, or what he contributed in his lifetime but I still think it would be amazing to read about what he went through to start his

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Why Detroit Needs To Blog – Awareness

I caught a great article over the weekend, actually two. The first one I read was Mitch Albom’s article about how Detroit’s working poor should have a better chance. The second one talked about Ted Stahl’s blog, a CEO who

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Tips For Faster Blogging – Find Good Blogging Topics

Fast blogging is a result of optimizing your process for publishing posts. Time is a precious resource and when it comes to blogging, you need to spend it wisely, especially when you have several blogs to maintain. Let’s see how

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Blog Topics Review – Blogging With Amy

This week from Blog Topics from Chris Brogan – Confidence.   I’ll share my thoughts on that, followed by the review of a members blog I chose at random.   Why the review?  Because feedback is one of the ways

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What To Blog About – Keeping Your Ideas On Track

The latest email from Blog Topics is on the subject of writing what you don’t know about. I couldn’t decipher from the Facebook Blog Topics group what that meant, and perhaps that’s intentional so we don’t get ahead of ourselves, but today’s email cleared it all up.

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Learning To Blog – Learn Tips On Blogging – Join The Blog Topics Group

I really love my job, I get to help businesses, primarily car dealers, explore blogging and one thing that I need to do more of to help others who read my blog is make good recommendations when they come up.

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