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Empathy Is The Most Powerful And Successful Form Of Marketing – David Kelley IDEO & Steve Jobs on Design Thinking

IDEO David Kelley 60 Minutes Interview David Kelley gets it. The founder and CEO of IDEO summed it up brilliantly with the simple term – empathy. If you put empathy into how you create the customer experience you will win,

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What is Inbound Marketing?

To understand the concept of inbound marketing, you must first understand what outbound marketing is. The reason I say that is because outbound marketing is what most companies spend their advertising budget on today. Outbound marketing is telemarketing. It’s sending

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A Blog Is Word Of Mouth Referrals On Steroids

What is a blog, after all, the word itself sounds undesirable and if I could I’d rename it to something that sounds more appealing. But instead of dwelling on what I can’t control, let’s talk about why this is a

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Using Images in your posts | WordPress | Full Size Resolution

Here is one way to quickly resize your photos to fit on your blog.  It’s better to resize them than to simply enter in a smaller dimension in the HTML code because it takes longer for the page to load

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Ensure Customers You Aren’t the Lowest Price

Sounds strange doesn’t it. Might not work if you’re selling paper towels, but if you sell cars, work on cars, offer a high dollar product or service, then this applies to you. Won’t take much to convince me to do

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Why Dealers Should Stop Selling Cars Online

Like that title, well I’m serious.  This is a post I have wanted to write for awhile, and a recent comment on my blog helped me do so.  This is the good stuff, the kind of stuff dealers need to

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Traditional Media Vs. Online Marketing – How Dealers Can Make The Shift

Traditional Media such Television ads, Radio and Newspaper ads are forms of traditional media that auto dealers have embraced for decades. These ads require significant investment when all of the pieces are added up its thousands of dollars, but what’s

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Quality Content – 5 Ways To Gather Topics For Your Blog

Blog Marketing Suggestions – Content and SEO Had the opportunity this week to attend an event for Blog Marketing 101 at Whitepages HQ here in Seattle. The event was led by Neil Patel who has been blogging for several years.

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