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Online Reputation Is Just About Having Values

I don’t like asking for help.  Unless it’s nearly impossible for me to do on my own, and not asking would be considered dangerous, perhaps even reckless and stupid. On the flip side, I like to offer help when I

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Missing Google Reviews? – Steps You Can Take

Getting customers to leave reviews about their experience gives us insight into how a business operates. It allows us to choose who we want to deal with based on how others have been treated. Some are good, others not so

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Where Does All This Lead To?

When we consider the amount of effort put forth daily into blogging, social media, relationship building, it’s no doubt we’re working hard, but what can we expect to happen as a result? We’re accustomed to acquiring tangible things to validate

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The Value Of A Blog – Branding Vs. Advertising

When we think of advertising today we think intrusive, disrupting, uninvited, ignored and so on. The reason is because it literally gets in our way and our reaction is to find the little “X” in the corner as quickly as

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Why Blog?


Priceless Customers Come From Remarkable Experiences The people that are going to buy cars from your dealership want you to earn their business. People want celebrity type treatment, they want you to value their time, and not dream of wasting

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Hall Of Fame Blog Post

Probably one of the higher caliber posts I’ve read in a long time, called Future of Blogging by ViperChill. How does one find such remarkable content? One knows it, when one sees it. It’s not always right on the surface,

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Dolan Auto Group School Contest Is Crushing It On Facebook

Today, Dolan Auto Group announced the winners of their $30,000 School Upgrade Project. The first entry came January 18th, as detailed in a blog post from Dolan Auto Group: This month marked the beginning of Dolan Automotive Group’s newest Facebook

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The Shift Towards Inbound Marketing For Auto Dealers

We see brands spend truckloads of money on outbound marketing, but very little on inbound marketing, where it’s out in the open for the world to see. Car dealers want to find flaws in social media, despite the overwhelming trends

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How To Protect Your DMS Data

There has been a lot of conversation lately about dealerships allowing 3rd party access to their data. In this post, I will provide you with some information that you will be able to use in determining how your data is

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TrueCar Rips Off Dealers, Steals Their Data, And Uses It Against Them

What Is TrueCar? TrueCar operates a website which publishes prices for new and used cars. Their slogan “Know the Real Price” claims to offer the most transparent pricing data available on just about any vehicle on the market. So if

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