Dolan Auto Group School Contest Is Crushing It On Facebook

Dolan Automotive Facebook Contest

Today, Dolan Auto Group announced the winners of their $30,000 School Upgrade Project.

The first entry came January 18th, as detailed in a blog post from Dolan Auto Group:

This month marked the beginning of Dolan Automotive Group’s newest Facebook contest: “The $30,000 School Upgrade Project.” The project allows Northern Nevada principals to submit a proposal on behalf of their students and teachers to fund a $10,000 school upgrade.

The first entry comes from Hunsberger Elementary School Principal Sally Scott. Hunsberger was among the winning schools in this past fall’s “Class Project,” and teacher Chantal Dibble’s 2nd grade class won $2,500 towards their project, “Learning by Leaps with Laptops.”

Principal Scott’s project has a similar theme to Ms. Dibble’s with her entry, “Computers on the Run!” “What has now happened is that our school’s computer lab is being closed for computer-based student testing so often that our students’ computing skills are suffering,” wrote Principal Scott in her submission entry. Her proposal requests one or two classroom sets of laptops and charging carts to house them, so students will continue to have the use of computers while the school’s lab is closed for these mandated tests.

School Upgrade projects must be submitted by Tuesday, February 14th. Voting on proposals will begin on February 15th. For details on the $30,000 School Upgrade, click here, or visit our Facebook page.

As of this blog post, thousands of people are interacting and talking about Dolan Automotive Group on Facebook.

This is a great example of what dealerships should be doing online today.

Social Media initiatives like this can create brand evangelists, and lifetime customers for dealerships.

The posts on their wall speak for themselves, go check them out as there are about 100+ being added daily.

The best part is this is just the beginning, and fortunately since Dolan Auto Group is a client, I expect to share more posts on how dealers can leverage social media as a part of their online marketing strategy.

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