Empathy Is The Most Powerful And Successful Form Of Marketing – David Kelley IDEO & Steve Jobs on Design Thinking

IDEO David Kelley 60 Minutes Interview

David Kelley gets it. The founder and CEO of IDEO summed it up brilliantly with the simple term – empathy.

If you put empathy into how you create the customer experience you will win, period.

Look at the reactions of peoples faces when they use your website and fix the areas that cause them to frown or become impatient.

Make it your mission to see all the negative reactions go away, and then strive for smiles as they navigate or experience the product.

Empathy, the secret ingredient, the thing that makes what you do and how you do it better than the competition.

At the end of the interview, Kelley shared his passion for cars. He said his car brings a smile to peoples faces, it’s who we are he said. I couldn’t agree more.

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