Google Instant Does Not Kill SEO – Only Great Content And Blogging Can Kill SEO

Google Instant And User Search Behavior

The news of Google Instant is certainly surprising coming from a company that has barely made any significant much less noticeable changes to their application.

Google’s competitive advantage was always the simplicity of the experience while producing highly relevant results.

What Does Google Instant Mean For SEO

Well for some time now it’s been a strategy to explore related search queries by using Google Suggest, and Google’s Wonder Wheel to identify the terms that you may want to expand your content on.

Google Suggest is great for telling us what the algorithms are considering closely related, and even more importantly, which of those are of a volume significant enough to produce a Google Suggestion.

nissan service suggest google

Using Google Suggest to figure out which terms may have deep long tail opportunities where others may be more horizontal. This can have an impact on navigation if some of the categories on a website go 10 tiers deep while others only have 2-3 tiers.

It can be complicated to maintain a consistent internal link structure if you are heavy in one or two categories and lacking in others.

Google Instant – Could It help Google With the Long Tail Debacle

Long Tail is 70% of the overall monthly search volume on the web as shown in the following image from

search demand curve

The benefit of having an authoritative site and ranking high for high volume keywords is you get the long tail traffic in your logs which can reveal gaps in your content and long tail terms to target.

Google Instant – The New Search of Search

Google’s new Instant functionality could potentially uncover the real gems on the web if it helps users scan get to the results they want and avoid clicking on close match results.

One thing that isn’t quite clear though is whether this new process will alter the way we search, which it seems it would if it makes search faster and more relevant.

Great Content Can Kill SEO

SEO is simply the manner in which you present great content in the way that people and search engines can find it. Search Engines are nothing more than piles and piles of content that is not categorized or organized in a manner that makes it easily discoverable without having knowledge of it.

I’ve written a follow up to this post that dives a bit deeper into what great content is and why we use search engines today to discover it.

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