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Sometimes you come across really well executed company blogs.  I wanted to give a couple fine examples of such here in hopes that it might give ideas to those looking for ways to come up with really compelling blog posts.

Zillow’s Blog

Zillow's Blog Offers Interesting Posts About Real Estate

I was instantly impressed at the topics being written about on Zillow’s blog.  Here’s two examples:

Jimmy Fallon’s Childhood Home in Upstate NY on the Market

Before You Start Writing Big Checks, Here’s How to Choose a Contractor

The above posts represent both ends of the spectrum in terms of subject matter.  The first, about a celebrities childhood home that’s been listed on the market.  There’s a natural curiosity, a fascination if you will, for anything celebrity related.  It tells us a story about the home, which brings it to life.  The same goes for celebrity owned vehicles.

The second post is more educational, but very informative in how it explains the process of hiring a contractor.  This could be very valuable to anyone who is looking to do work on their home and is feeling a bit overwhelmed at the process.  Another similarity to the automotive genre, where people hire a shop to do custom work for performance or appearance modifications.

As I look at the author profiles of those blogging I see a range of experience in both writing backgrounds and domain experience.  Domain experience, meaning they are familiar with the subjects related to real estate.

Mint’s Blog

Mint's Blog Offers Compelling Content About Personal Finance

Here’s another fine example.  I have mentioned Mint’s blog before, and as I go back today to see what topics are being covered I see they are very much on track with their content strategy.

How We Pay to Get Away: A Visual Guide to How Much Americans Spend on Summer Travel

Wallet-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Take the first post.  Who doesn’t want to get away, take a break but do so being financially conscious of that expense.  They’ve weaved a desirable interest into being responsible, nicely done.

The second post appeals to upcoming events, offering solutions to things we are going to be facing soon.  I think that Mint is doing a great job of presenting financial content in a way that doesn’t at all bore us.  In fact, if anything, it’s making the idea of managing money fun with the type of content that they are producing.

Isn’t that the key to what dealers should be doing with a blog?  Making the car buying experience both fun, exciting, yet responsible and financially appropriate to the buyer?

I’d suggest that auto dealers take a real close look at the content above and consider creating topics on a blog that makes the process easier, more fun and actually a wise investment for those looking to say, buy a fuel efficient vehicle to replace their current gas guzzler.

Here’s some topic ideas to think about if your a dealer starting a blog -

  • Celebrity Vehicles – Have Any?  Know of any currently on the market, at auction, sitting at a local customization shop, get some pictures and a back story and throw it on your blog.
  • Vehicle Customizing – We love to personalize what we own, especially our cars.  What types of things can be done, who can install it, what does it cost, are their warranty issues if you modify, etc.  Any tips on how to select a good shop, perhaps list some local ones in a post.
  • Road Trips – Can you think of some planning tips, things to keep in the trunk, munchies to pack for the kids, roads to take / avoid, think local and let people know of a good campground, a fun lake to go fishing, etc.
  • Father’s Day – What Dad wouldn’t like something new for the car, maybe a car wash / wax kit, or a gift card to the local drive through car wash, perhaps a way to mount a smartphone to use the handsfree / speakerphone, etc.


That hopefully helps give you some ideas for content creation on your blog.  If you’re stuck, just keep reading blogs and something will come to mind, bookmark the good blogs as you find them and come back to see what they are writing about.  It’s just like the news, ever see a story covered on multiple news stations, they get ideas from other people and so can you!


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One comment on “Great Blog Content Strategies
  1. We are always looking for new ideas for blogging for our dealers. At first it seams there isn’t much to write about but after you give it a little thought it’s surprising what you come up with.


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