Online Reputation Is Just About Having Values

I don’t like asking for help.  Unless it’s nearly impossible for me to do on my own, and not asking would be considered dangerous, perhaps even reckless and stupid.

On the flip side, I like to offer help when I see someone that could use it, and like me they don’t really want to ask. 

Today I was reminded that such characteristics are not part of everyone in this world we live in, and even though it was something that took only seconds to transpire it made me angry for a long time because I couldn’t understand it.

So I’m walking in with tons of groceries my hands were beyond full and there is a card reader to get into the building,  but if someone happens to be walking out you don’t need to swipe. I see this person walking out and normally I wouldn’t have to say anything because it’s just common courtesy to let someone else in that clearly lives here.

It was dark, and I know you can’t see someone walking up so its more of a spontaneous thing that occurs and they had to act accordingly.  They chose to let the door close, as if consciousness of their environment was a burden they could not bare.  Sidetracked, or whatever the case may be, they might as well have been a ghost.

I suppose it isn’t right for me to pass judgement on others, but I couldn’t help the reaction to such a bizarre event, or I am getting old and this is how old people react.

It was just blatantly obnoxious to come walking out, let the door shut right in someone’s face, that clearly couldn’t stop it because the hand their hands were full!  They hesitated, if for a 1000th of a second, and then walked pointlessly towards their destination.

Several minutes later, I think of how this type of conduct would be perceived if someone else had seen it happen.  Unbelievable.  Really?  Then I think that the person hesitated only to see if their actions would be witnessed by others, otherwise what’s in it for them?

Nothing.  Nothing to gain.  Nothing to lose.  Apparently.

Just a simple selfless act, but done when it benefits.  Using words like measurable. 

That seems to perfectly describe some dealers I have encountered.  They only care about the stuff people see, not the actions themselves.  It shows though, no matter how heavy they try to cover it up.

It’s no different than ignoring someone on the lot that doesn’t look like they can afford anything.

Get a bad review, don’t respond and it’s like letting the door slam while hundreds watch.  Respond, and its like saying, sorry about that….let me get the door for you. 

But, what about those who do get it, they blog and they understand the message they are sending, and don’t care how many people see it.

They do the right thing when nobody is looking and that’s what everybody sees today.

It’s like standing at the door holding it open and greeting everyone who walks in.

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