SEO And The Zen Of Search Engine Maintenance

I’m reading a book called Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. If you haven’t read this book, I would highly recommend it!

Pirsig does a tremendous job of explaining the differences between people who are interested in technology, want to know all about it, vs. those who use it but want no part of learning how it works.

I also see this in some of my SEO clients, they don’t understand SEO and have no interest in learning how it works. They just want to know that the work is producing results.  It’s like building a race car for someone who doesn’t want to know the build, only cares about time slips and running a faster ET. 

I know that in performance applications, you use the highest quality parts you can buy, and the same goes for a website if it is a critical source of leads or sales for the business. 

If you don’t understand why you need to used forged pistons, and a billet crankshaft, why bother building something that’s just going to produce the power you need?

If you put together a website that doesn’t convert, its like building a race car that won’t start.  If you rely on that race car to make you money, it might be wise to get it running, and start tuning or you’ll be stuck on the side of the road while the competition just picks up your losses.

I am the type that really likes to know how things work, and I find it fascinating when I figure it out and want to share that with others. I’m not saying I know everything there is to know about SEO, but it’s very much like motorcycle maintenance, they way Pirsig writes about it in the book.

He is very diligent about maintaining his machine, and his reasons are on the money.  He’s adjusting the air fuel ratio with changing elevations, he is checking plugs and notices that he’s running a little rich but it’s better than being lean.

You may go a little faster running lean eventually catches up with you, and you risk blowing the engine.

It’s kind of like maintaining your website. If you put the same amount of care into well written titles, descriptions, and content on the page then you will likely see much better results. If you don’t care to change those things on your site, fine, but your not going to be even remotely fast enough to catch the top of page one.  Those guys are living and breathing the tune of their sites, down to every letter that’s shown in the snippets.

Lots of things affect SEO, just like there a lot of parts on an engine that affect the overall performance of the engine.

The difference is how those parts are assembled, maintained, and tuned for peak performance. And knowing how to diagnose what parts need to be replaced when it’s not running right.

You can go out and a crate engine, or you can find a builder that will push the limits of thermodynamics to find peak performance and efficiency.

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2 comments on “SEO And The Zen Of Search Engine Maintenance
  1. Mitchell says:

    We actually had to read this book in one of my programming classes during my masters program.

    I had never thought about applying these things to SEO before, but definitely to programming I had done.

    I liked when he talked about gumption traps and how to overcome them. That has been a very valuable thing whenever I embark on a new project.

  2. Scott Golembiewski says:

    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for dropping by! I think I need to go fishing, or work on cars to build up my gumption arsenal.


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