Using Clever Titles vs. SEO Titles – Writing for Readers or Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – Titles

One major concern for bloggers and even business owners who blog is creating good titles for SEO.

Outspoken Media wrote a great piece about how Journalists should stop resenting SEO – which talks about the manner in which titles are created for maximum benefit.

A Great New York Times Article – “This Boring Headline Is Written for Google

Using Keywords in Titles – SEO In Blogs

Good writers want their readers to feel inspired.

Good writers want new readers.

In order to get an increase in traffic, writers can target some higher search volume keywords and see more traffic for a particular post.

On the other hand, writers might feel constrained about how they title their work because of this fact.

Grading your Blog Posts For SEO

One idea would be to consider creating a grading system for your blog which has certain criteria that should be met for each and every post. This would be a quick and easy way to create high quality posts that aren’t missing the core elements of what gives your blog SEO the best boost.

By covering the most basic aspects of SEO, good bloggers can still write compelling and clever titles that get found in search because of the content within the post using good H1 / H2 / H3 tags, image names, bold and italics text, and a good URL.

The best thing to do is show your unique style of writing without being too concerned about SEO, because you’ll find out with experience how to write great titles that help new people discover your posts.

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