Where Does All This Lead To?

When we consider the amount of effort put forth daily into blogging, social media, relationship building, it’s no doubt we’re working hard, but what can we expect to happen as a result?

We’re accustomed to acquiring tangible things to validate our time, effort, acheivement. If I went to college for 1-2 more semesters I would have had my bachelors degree, something I’d probably frame and look at, and show my kids.

But something seemed more important to me, and although there’s no plaque on the wall, I’m confident that this decision was the only decision – but it comes with the understanding that I’ve chosen something that people aren’t clear on yet.

I chose it because it fit my identity, it connected me to thought leaders, and it gets more exciting everyday. I don’t know why, it just seems right – like coming here and doing what I do is right – and I’ve spent years working for companies where what I did just didn’t seem right.

We Start To See Things Right

This is the fundamental change that’s happening right now, to all of us, blog or no blog. We are seeing a shift in the way companies ought to advertise, not to push products but to build awareness.

We are drawn to things that are done right, for the right reasons, to help the right people.

We are attracted to those who we see as visionaries, with unstoppable work ethics, relentless passion, and determination to drive change. It gives us confidence that we’re not alone, that our vision is shared amongst those who are changing the world.

When Others See It Too – We Win

It’s getting easier to spot the ones who are nailing it, and when we do we must identify them, or we begin to lose our most valuable skill – sharing.

This is what we contribute, our collective awareness to identify greatness and spread it as far as possible.

This is why we must do what we can to communicate what we know today, whether it’s a tweet or a Facebook like, or a blog post. It’s getting to a place where we feel comfortable letting others know what we’re thinking, learning, experiencing.

This leads to inspiration. We are inspired, and we inspire others.

We challenge ourselves to seek the best experiences so we can share them with friends. It’s what saves us from making mistakes that others before us have made.

It protects us from frustration, inferior products, incompetent staff.

You can’t put an exact value on something like a positive review that has led to a dozen or so new customers, but you can get positive reviews and then realize where your business would be without them.

It tells people what we value, what we strive for, and what we can do better.

Basically, you can let opinions shared about your business tell the story – or you can brand your business and experience and customers will validate it if you delivered as promised.

Tell a story about what makes your company the best – and let everyone in the company read about it and figure out who was the key figure in making that experience possible.

And do it agian and again and again until people can’t stop thinking about it.

This all leads to a place where we can see ourselves changing the world, influencing, guiding and helping others see what we see and watching them as they begin to do what you did.

TheDealerBlog is the official blog for TuneyFish Inc., an online marketing firm which specializes in search for auto dealers, founded by +Scott Golembiewski in 2008.

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3 comments on “Where Does All This Lead To?
  1. It’s the indirectness of the new marketing channels that Dealers should embrace. Too many times Dealers treat blogging and social media as a normal direct marketing channel and do what they have always done…promote their sales and inventory. Engage first and advertise second…or better yet don’t advertise at all and just focus on engaging. The advertising will happen on it’s own. Lots to learn in this space.


    • Scott Golembiewski says:

      Hi Chris,

      Agreed! The ones that put more focus on creating and sharing great content will see why advertising is intrusive – there’s just too much good stuff out there to discover and advertising gets in the way.

  2. Julie says:

    Great post, I couldn’t agree more. Quality content is a must now it attracts a different quality customer, long term customer, and adds more value to the overall relationship

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