Why Blog?

Priceless Customers Come From Remarkable Experiences

The people that are going to buy cars from your dealership want you to earn their business.

People want celebrity type treatment, they want you to value their time, and not dream of wasting it.

I’m not going to the extreme and saying that advertising is wasting their time, I’m just saying it has that sort of potential.

Great advertising, think Eminem in the Chrysler Super Bowl ad, that’s remarkable.

This stuff, not so much:

  • Putting an ad in a Sunday paper – not remarkable.
  • Adwords – not remarkable.
  • Clever TV ad at the peak hours of viewership – nope, not remarkable.
  • Direct mail – not remarkable.
  • Email – not remarkable – unless it’s personal, expected, and very well written.  Then it has a chance.

A Blog? – what the hell is that.  It’s a place where you create remarkable content, publish customer experience stories, reveal your extraordinary service, recognize and encourage your staff, and introduce people to your dealership and what makes it better than the rest.

So Why Bother With Blogging

You know what the lifetime value of a Lexus customer is?  I’ve heard $600,000.  One customer, six hundred thousand dollars.

Do you know why they are worth that much?

It’s because once they buy a Lexus, they will most likely never buy from another manufacturer.  The customer service is that good, the product, don’t get me started on bamboo steering wheels and the never ending laundry list of things the dealers get to teach their customers about.

So, let’s take this to another level.  If a single Lexus customer is worth $600K, what would you guess a very satisfied, networking and socially connected, referring people like they were getting kickbacks like crazy are worth?


That’s right, priceless.  You can’t buy them, you have to earn them.

You have to produce the right content that you think they might be interested in.  You have to connect with them, re-share the awesomeness they spread through the Twittersphere, and you have to comment on their blog and hold your breath and pray they come and comment on yours.

Comments = Trust = Authenticity = What attracts the Priceless Customers

Perhaps this is way too much for any dealer to attempt in their marketing efforts.

Maybe they have tried and concluded after a few months of posting crappy content decided, confidently, that it can’t be done.

Or they have been told, by the head honchos of the Yellow Pages that the Big Yellow Book is coming back, and instead of having contacts on smartphones, people are going to carry them around town like Bibles on a Sunday morning.

Well guess what, you can believe that if you wish.

You might get a few sales from the old yeller book, but ….

They aren’t the sales that you want.  That’s the beauty of a blog, you write stuff that attracts the right people.

Still not feeling it?

Let’s go a tad deeper, I insist.

Remember the $600k customer, those you have, if you’re a Lexus dealer.

Now what would it take to make all your $600k customers priceless.


Start blogging.  I’m joking, let us do that for you, seriously unless you want to give it a go and then declare it useless after not investing in it like you know it deserves.  You need to get coached, get content produced regularly, and once it starts to get going then we dial it in however you want.

But, keep in mind, we highly encourage our clients to get involved.

Perhaps that’s not the best strategy for my business.  Maybe once they can do it themselves, they’ll drop us.  I don’t think like that, and so I suppose I don’t attract the ones that would?

Consider this, what would you pay to have 100 of your lifetime customers become active referrers.  Who, mind you, attract their own kind.

Or you can pretend this doesn’t happen.  After all, that’s what some are saying about it.

Blogging is hard work.  HARD.

But just like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it.

That’s the secret, blogging will always give you what you deserve.  Put together a masterpiece, a post that offers high quality information, and you’ll get links, mentions, and of course the most effective longterm SEO strategy ever.

If your dealership blog hasn’t reached that level, doesn’t mean it can’t.  Just needs more work, consistency and dedication to see the results.

TheDealerBlog is the official blog for TuneyFish Inc., an online marketing firm which specializes in search for auto dealers, founded by +Scott Golembiewski in 2008.

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